Vision: Sustainably Nourishing Local and Global Communities with Wholesome Meat and Poultry

Taking a leadership position within the North American Meat Institute (NAMI North America’s largest trade association of meat/poultry packers and processors) Cardinal’s Vice President and a Past Chair for NAMI, John Vatri spearheaded an initiative to set new industry goals for sourcing and transparency.

Striving to achieve fulfillment of the core strategies listed above, Cardinal aims to build greater connection and trust with the consumers that we serve.

“Aligned with NAMI and for greater clarity, we have listed a key descriptor to expand the outcomes we have committed to as a business and for the industry” (John Vatri):

Food Safety

The meat and poultry supply chain produces safe meat products without exception


Lead the global animal protein industry to achieve the lowest environmental outcomes of meat production on land, air and water in the world

Animal Care

Design and universally adhere to a globally accepted and outcome based standard for animal welfare at all points in supply chain

Health and Wellness

Uphold animal protein as consumers’ preferred choice for nutrition, health and wellness

Labour and Human Rights

Be an employer of choice through an unyielding commitment to diversity, inclusion, employee occupational health & safety, and human rights

To our customers: Please ask us about and expect us to be leaders and to our suppliers: Please bring us ideas and practical ways to help us and the industry live our commitments”

Brent Cator

President and Owner

Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd.