Cardinal Roadhouse

On the hunt for the best burgers your BBQ has ever seen? Need meal ideas that don’t make you sacrifice quality? Look no further than Cardinal’s collection of Roadhouse burgers, ribs and fully cooked meats.

Best served hot off the grill, flame kissed, with your favourite sides. Not ideal BBQ weather? Take them to the kitchen. These burgers can be pan fried to perfection and the ribs love a little heat from the oven.

Looking for the right burger? Our Roadhouse burgers deliver the taste and texture you are looking for in a new family favourite.

Whether it’s a sunny Saturday lunch or an impromptu Friday night dinner, Roadhouse is the easy choice. Just add some sides like fries or a garden salad and your meal possibilities are endless.

Making the best tasting burgers and ribs has taken years of perfecting. Cardinal has the highest standards and uses only top quality ingredients in it’s products. You can be sure that you’re providing your family with only the best in burgers and ribs.

Can you make the best tasting burgers and ribs at home on your backyard grill?

You can with Cardinal