• I bought a rack of Cardinal Fully Cooked Ribs. What’s the best way to heat them?

    The BBQ is the best way to heat ribs. Bone side down for the first 5-7 minutes will allow the heat and flame to sear the meat which enhances flavour. Turn ribs meat side down and brush with sauce to keep ribs moist. For best results, follow the heating instructions on the packaging.

  • I don’t have a barbecue. Can I still prepare great tasting ribs?

    Yes! Oven or grill our ribs always end up tasting great. Remove and place the ribs bone side down on a baking pan lined with foil. Follow the heating instructions on the packaging for specific oven temperatures and heating times.

  • What’s the advantage of using Cardinal fully cooked meats?

    Cardinal’s fully cooked meat products make it easy to serve a meal in minutes that looks and tastes like homemade. Cardinal offers you great tasting meal solutions in a variety of flavours saving you preparation time and offering the "heat & serve" capability. Your friends and family will keep coming back for more. Look for Cardinal products in the frozen and refrigerated sections of your favourite grocery store.

  • Why are the meat ingredients used by Cardinal superior?

    Cardinal, in its efforts to deliver only the best quality, safest burgers, only uses quality cuts of beef in its recipe for its burgers. This means that we only select cuts of meat with no meat by-products or mechanically deboned meat for use in our burgers. The cost is a little bit more yet we believe the safety, nutrition and health of your consumers are worth it.

  • Where can I find the nutritional information for Cardinal products?

    Nutritional information can be found on our website in the individual product pages. Nutrition Facts information is also available on our retail packaging. If you cannot locate nutritional information for a specific product please contact us at 1-800-363-1439.

  • What’s special about Cardinal’s STUFFED burger?

    This product is unique and novel and allows consumers to enjoy flavour varieties outside the normal burger. Mac n’ Cheese is a hot trend in foodservice, Pepperoni Pizza is a staple among teenagers and who doesn’t love Bacon and Cheddar. But beyond this, is the opportunity for the bun-less burger. The bun traditionally holds the condiments on the burger but what if they are inside the burger? The Stuffed burgers allow for a delicious center of the plate burger without the bun for consumers trying to reduce either their dietary carbohydrates or gluten.

  • I’ve purchased Cardinal burgers, how do I cook them to ensure the best flavour delivery?

    The best way to ensure delicious flavour delivery is by locking in the natural juices of the burger. On your grill, sear each side of the burger for 2 minutes per side on high heat, then turn down to medium heat turning frequently.

  • I don’t have a barbecue. Can I still cook a great tasting burger?

    Yes! A combination cooking method of stove top and oven works best. Pan-fry the burger on medium heat for 2 minutes per side. Place burgers on a pan and put into pre-heated oven at 400°F, middle rack for about 10 minutes.

  • When I grill burgers they always get burned or charred. Am I doing something wrong?

    Most BBQ’s have “Hot” spots. Once burger has been seared both sides, move the burger(s) to different locations of the grill to avoid flare ups! Maintaining a clean grill helps avoid drippings from burning and thus burning your burger.

  • Common burger cooking mistakes to avoid:

    Cooking a burger on heat that’s too low will cause the natural juices to run off, creating a dry burger. Don’t squish or press down on the burger during cooking.

  • Tips for cooking a great tasting juicy burger:

    Use a temperature probe and cook to 160°F. This will ensure a thoroughly cooked through burger and you won’t overcook and dry out the burger. Keeping the lid down on the BBQ will keep the temperature stable and allow the burger to cook in the desired time.

  • Skip the bun! Delicious burger meal ideas:

    Who says burgers need to be eaten on a bun? Let your imagination soar! Cook your burger and add your favourite spice or sauce and use it as an ingredient in your favourite meals. Chop it, slice it or crumble it for pasta dishes, salad topping or stir fry.

  • How do I prepare burgers in the most food safe manner?

    Cooking the burgers to an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F) is the best thing you can do. Keep the burgers frozen prior to cooking. Wash hands, utensils and surfaces after handling raw meat. Refrigerate leftovers immediately.

  • What is Natural Texture Forming (NTF)?

    Natural Texture Forming (NTF) is proprietary technology developed within Cardinal that allows us to create burgers with virtually no pressure by weaving the strands of ground beef into a burger. This allows the heat from the grill to circulate around each individual grind strand sealing in the natural meat juices and allowing the burgers to cook more quickly. This is proven in the market and the result is an incredibly juicy, tender burger with a great bite that consumers love and will have them asking for more.

  • Frozen Fresher than Fresh?

    Individually Quick Frozen (IQF); at Cardinal Meats, our burgers are frozen individually from raw to fully frozen in less than 10 minutes. This seals in the natural goodness, ensuring a tastier, juicier, safer burger that eats "fresher than fresh” with a natural colour and no freezer burn.