March 30, 2020

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Cardinal Meat Specialists empathize with all those affected. We are committed to doing what’s right for our employees and customers, including franchise and independent restaurant operators, and all our fellow Canadians.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Cardinal is an industry leader in food safety systems. Safety is our highest priority, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned for our diligent approach to this all-important issue. Our plants are sanitized to rigorous standards every day and are federally inspected under the guidance of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). We have an in-house DNA lab for advanced microbiological testing and we are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified.

Taking Safety to the Next Level

At this challenging time, Cardinal is proactively taking steps to enhance our safety processes—even beyond our stringent norms. For example, we are actively monitoring all staff for changes in health status. In addition, we have now enabled 75% of all salaried staff to work from home, and we require all those on site to practise social distancing. In our facilities, we have added air purification enhancements and extra sanitizers, and we have established enhanced cleaning procedures.

We have ongoing consultation with the CFIA, CDC, North American Meat Institute (NAMI), Canadian Meat Council (CMC), and local health authorities. The Cardinal team will remain highly engaged throughout this time of global concern, working to anticipate and minimize potential disruptions for our customers.

Going the Extra Mile

We are all facing extraordinary challenges at this uncertain time.

As Cardinal employees go the extra mile to ensure that our operations remain safe and continue uninterrupted, we are making a significant investment in our fellow employees by raising regular wages and providing for their families in meaningful ways.

As our customers’ needs change, we are offering flexibility and a readiness to pivot; if the need arises, we will work to adapt production lines in order to deliver new or additional product to meet short-term demand.

As the COVID-19 situation intensifies, it is inevitable that raw material prices will go up, resulting in higher meat costs. Throughout this difficult scenario, we will continue to provide the best value and pricing we can and to communicate market opportunities or risks as rapidly as possible. Protecting current contract commitments is of utmost importance to us.

We have also initiated business continuity planning activities to ensure we can deliver the forecast inventory for the upcoming season; our suppliers have enacted similar continuity measures, providing assurance of no foreseeable disruptions in the supply of raw materials.

As a gesture of deep appreciation to our frontline healthcare workers, Cardinal has proactively made significant food donations that support those dedicated people who put themselves at risk each day in this unprecedented fight.

“Our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus—especially those who are ill. We are truly inspired by the contributions of Canada’s medical professionals, first responders, and essential services providers. Their selfless efforts are helping to ensure that people all over this country are cared for during this difficult time.

At Cardinal, we exist to serve the needs of our customers. As the current pandemic unfolds, we are more determined than ever to meet this promise.” – Brent Cator – Owner, Cardinal Meat Specialists.

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jack Cator was telling stories of learning how to prepare a steer for sale. But it’s been 80 years since this family business would buy a steer from local farmers, prepare and sell the meat to the neighboring community. Jack’s expertise and entrepreneurial spirit passed on to his son Ralph, who founded Cardinal Meat Specialists in 1966. A lot has changed since then, however the dedication and experience gleaned from growing as a family business continues to live on in Cardinal’s commitment to producing the highest quality meat products available. 

The Cator family has a long and rich history starting on the farm, to running butcher shops, to producing some of Canada’s most innovative and high-quality meats. Now in its third generation of ownership, Cardinal strives for the future by remaining dedicated to people, innovation and investment in state-of-the-art technology to provide the safest, most consistent and highest quality products available. Under the stewardship of Brent Cator, the company is committed to its long-term success in the meat business.

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