Some things never change and for good reason.

For more than 80 years, Cardinal has been putting wholesome food on the tables of Canadian families. And not just any food. High quality, full-flavour meats that will please every hungry mouth in your home.

At Cardinal Meat Specialists our business philosophy mirrors that of our family values and we operate within these precious beliefs every day. We’ve built our reputation on it. Satisfying our customers’ needs is what drives us to make the very best, food-safe products.

Great meals can happen every night of the week. With Cardinal by your side, quick and easy meal ideas are at your fingertips, from pulled pork to chicken dishes. And look no further for the most amazing meats your BBQ has ever seared, from ribs to burgers (you’ll never guess what we’ve stuffed inside some of our juicy burgers).

When you want to get a great meal on the table, Cardinal Meats is there to help. All you need to do is add a few of your favourite sidekicks: a simple salad or home-style mashed potatoes. Let Cardinal fill the centre of your plate.

Can you provide a family meal that is easy to prepare without compromising taste or quality?

You can with Cardinal